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Customer  service

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Service Introduction

The service, not the end of the sale, but a new starting point. The object of service is the person, the service is the life. Kang home, the product into the home, is the brand of life and the continuation of life. So is the input, but also a kind of output. Kang home's pursuit, is to allow users to get real satisfaction. In a broader sense, the service of Kang's family begins from the stage of product research and development, and its ultimate goal is the people and the life.
Kang home customer service service center, general service:
The purpose of the first article of the Kang home floor service: customer first - "fully satisfied with the customer service".
Second Kang floor service center service work content:
Six one door service behavior norms:
Home service, must be a unified service; the door to the user first sentence: "give you the trouble!" ; do not drink users a saliva; do not suck the user a cigarette; please fill in a customer service supervision card; give customers a small souvenir.
"Six free" service:
Free after-sales service by pay phone; free home delivery; free of charge to provide special floor glue; free special floor mats; free installation services; free of charge to provide all related advisory services.
"Six guarantees" measures:
Product lifetime service system; service system of maintenance throughout the day, whether the weather is good or bad, on time and compliance maintenance; user file system, for each user to establish files; user complaints return system; service network system and in 36 service centers across the country. The nearest service center at any time to the user provided for service, full service reward and punishment system.
Give yourself a top score of not perfect: Ninety-nine points
The pursuit of "very satisfied":
Insist that the user is very satisfied with the service.
Third Kang home floor service system VI image unity.
3.1 after sales service center construction staff uniform dress - European like floor service;
3.2 customer service service center staff uniform wear "Kang home floor badge".
Fourth Kang home to set up the national free service hotline: 800-828-1977; various regions to set up local after-sales service line telephone, set up a special person to answer, and regulate the courtesy telephone.
Fifth actively assist customers to resolve product quality issues, and provide customers with detailed how to use, maintenance, and maintenance, and a series of guidance;
Sixth actively solve customer feedback of all construction quality problems, and provide solutions within 48 hours to solve;
Seventh respect for the views and requirements of customers, and customer communication to civilization and courtesy.
Eighth site construction services should be clean and tidy; to protect customer furniture, equipment and decoration in good condition.
Ninth to improve the quality of service, establish a brand image.
Tenth to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, is our pursuit of the goal.
In the face of our "God", we provide the best quality, the most perfect service.