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Method for strengthening floor installation
First, the requirements of the floor space:
1, the floor must be installed in the dry cement floor, the ground requires a good bearing capacity.
2, indoor air humidity 70%, the room temperature is above 18 degrees, the surface temperature above 15 degrees and to a good ventilation condition (the most suitable temperature 18-25 degrees Celsius, humidity in 40%-50%).
3, the flatness of the ground should be controlled to be controlled below 3mm, rough place to use cement or other materials
4, the floor in the installation of 24 hours after the person or carrying heavy. After 7 days, the glue can reach the strongest bond strength.
Two, the necessary installation tools and materials:
Tensioner, warrior buckle, vibration hammer plate, a plumb line, a carpenter's Square, saw woodworking, plastic mat, hammer, flat shovel special tool. Special cleaning agent, waterproof glue, PVC pad, baseboard, bridge, edge strip, collecting buckle and other materials.
Three, floor installation method:
1, cleaning floor, elastic datum line - try shop - gluing planks - please rub the ground, cleared the skirting board, PVC floor mat, laid
2, installation process
Floor in the installation, the first to accurately measure the actual area of the installation site, to estimate the specific amount, in the determination of the installation method.
A, clean, clean the ground, uneven ground with cement or dry fast leveling, and keep the floor dry. ".
B, vertical lines in the ground around pop-up and wall, paving the floor with the baseline (baseline away from the wall distance is 10-12mm)
C, shop foam pad (preferably 0.3mm thick PVC moisture film), the ground between the pad and a good bonding with plastic tape (not less than 100mm lap part)
D, floor, try shop three rows not gelatinize, first row and play good baseline alignment, the joint between the board and the board at least 200mm stagger, each row of the last
A floor board is not less than 300mm. Pavement and indoor lighting direction parallel or along the extension line direction plank room.
E, glue. Double face glue, each shop after a row floors should pull or sqft check whether straight: the cracks in the floor and the wall with wooden plug tightening. Last one
If the floor is wide and thick less than 50mm, the width should be removed in the first floor.
F, floor after installation in the installation skirting board (punch holes in the front of the shop floor); by Mexican pop playing the edge of the soles of the feet thickness installation. The distance is not the wall brick
Must be less than 750mm. The peg length of not less than 2.5 times the thickness of the skirting board. Mopboard Yin angle and the angle at the corner should be cut into 45 degrees. The baseboard and the wall.
G, clearance. Clean the floor surface and the stitching seams "excess glue marks and dirt".
Four, other matters needing attention:
1, the floor should be placed in the room at least 24-48 hours before the survey.
2, after the completion of the survey, 24 hours is not allowed on people or pressure.
3, the skirting board height should be less than 3mm in length.
4, floor installation area of more than 100 square meters or extend the line more than 6 meters, should add "T type bridge".
5, the general amount of glue 15-20 square meters /500g