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About  us

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"Senyuan wood" site is a contact me you him the friendship bridge, is a to the user to provide timely information, listen to the windows user criticisms and suggestions. Through this interactive channel, better performance of the company's "services to the public, well - made - class floor," the purpose and "for more families to do better on the floor," the commitment.

For every inch of the floor, we make the heart;

For every customer, we are treated with heart.

Relying on the advanced CNC wire production equipment, technical experts site to guide the production of Senyuan wood floor, to preferential prices, innovative products, reliable after-sales service and the physical and chemical indicators are in line with relevant international standards and other advantages, has won the market recognition. From south to north, from west to East, wood floor Senyuan have withstood the test of time and environment, excellent performance consistent from beginning to end.

The customer is the foundation of development, as in the past will always Senyuan wood, allow customers to enjoy the most beautiful and best floor!