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Corporate Culture

Enterprises to develop and adapt to changes in the environment and market, both in terms of technology, products, management and so on each should have new thinking and changes, dare to deny themselves, with broad vision and quick thinking to research, analyze, deal with every piece of things, by analogy, only in changing can break through and beyond all, eventually obtaining and win the market.

The strength of the enterprise lies in the team, not the individual, at any time to give full play to the role of the team, the team spirit, focus, efforts to achieve and achieve common goals.

Science and technology to improve the environment for civilization to provide protection. Low carbon environmental protection recycling economy rational use of forest resources, become the development of consensus. Kang home floor actively promote the adjustment of industrial structure, play to their advantages in technology developed effective utilization of renewable resources, is committed to science and technology create a low carbon home life, power in the contemporary, future generations